She’s Home

Brought “Pepper” home for the first time today in prep for our weekend trip. Our HOA doesn’t allow more than “loading and unloading” ? so we have to keep her in storage and bring her to the house to pack up.
Our neighbor has towed large trailers for years so he helped us figure out the best way to back in. We live on a pipestem (farthest house back) uphill so we were expecting it to be a bit of a challenge. Walkie-talkies are a MUST (we have these: Surprisingly, we did just fine backing in!
Leveling was a separate challenge as our driveway is steep enough that the trailer hitch needed to be fully extended to be level. We weren’t pleased about having it up so high so will have to see what solutions we can come up with. My husband ran out and bought cinder blocks to put under the lateral stabilizers as they were about 12 inches to short to reach in the front of the trailer.
We plan to do a few minor maintenance tasks while we’ve got her here as well as some (yay) decorating!!!!

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