The Princess and the Pea!

Let’s talk mattresses. Good grief our original trailer mattress felt like a brick! We camped 2 nights on it and knew we needed to do something. Since a brand new mattress wasn’t in the budget right away, I ordered this 2 inch memory foam topper instead. We used it last night and it made a big difference! My husband I both agreed it was MUCH better. I think a new mattress is eventually in our further, but this will do for now.

I’ll need to do some research on what mattresses work best. I’ve heard good things about the Zinius Foam Mattresses and since they come in a roll, they’d be easy to get into the trailer. My main concern is I’m worried about weight affecting the hydraulics of my under bed storage.

I purchased this topper on Groupon here: MATTRESS TOPPER

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